Our Programs

We are fortunate to be able to provide you, as residents of the Flowing Wells School District, a couple of great programs to meet your specific needs. Please review them below and contact us if you believe you are eligible for participation.

Preschool Income-Based program

The Emily Meschter Early Learning Center's general education program, Preschool Income-Based program (PIP), is for children who reside in the Flowing Wells School District. The children must be three to five years old, and meet income eligibility requirements. Please contact our school office for more information regarding these requirements.

Learning Interventions and Kid Supports (LINKS)

The Emily Meschter Early Learning Center’s special needs program is for children three- to five-years old whom we have assessed to have a special education need.  

During the preschool day, the children participate in a rich variety of activities where they experience many opportunities for learning.  Each day the children participate in circle time, small group activities, independent activity time, movement activities, and snack. We give the children opportunities to make choices about activities and provide learning experiences in the following areas:

Physical Activities

  • Developing large muscle control
  • Developing small muscle control
  • Using playground equipment


  • Learning to listen
  • Enjoying stories and poems
  • Respecting books
  • Telling of own experiences
  • Distinguishing between alike and different
  • Recognizing some letters of the alphabet
  • Rhyming words


  • Identifying shapes
  • Number concepts
  • Counting
  • Patterns


  • Self-expression using a variety of materials such as paint, paper, crayons, chalk, and play dough


  • Enjoying records, song, rhythms


  • Exploring plants, animals, and the world

Social Studies

  • Exploring the family, school, community and world

Health and Safety

  • Encouraging good health habits
  • Encouraging good safety habits

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Teacher with students
Teacher with students
Boy sitting on playground and smiling.
Student playing outside with dirt and mud.
Student holding up a worm.
Boy smiling with his cup of ice cream.
Two students running together through the courtyard.