Shout Outs

Student of the Month

The following have been selected  for the "Kindness Award"  for the following  months.  Congratulations to our students!
September 2017  Brielle Scheer
  Scheer - SOM

 October 2017      Phoenix Clark

Clark SOM

November 2017  Mia Maynes 
Maynes - SOM

December 2017   Delilah Sylvester
Sylvester SOM

2018 January  Mark Aboyte-Carbajal
Aboyte-Carbajal SOM

2018 February TBA
2018 March  TBA
2018 April  TBA

Thank You to Our Volunteers!

 We appreciate everything you do for us.      
 Our Preschool volunteers.Thank you to our volunteers!