Child Find

Child playing on the playground.

The goal of the Emily Meschter Early Learning Center is to locate and identify children in the Flowing Wells School District who may be exhibiting developmental delays. Children may exhibit developmental delays in any of the following areas:

  • Speech/Language
  • Thinking and Reasoning
  • Motor: Fine and Gross
  • Adaptive/Self-help
  • Social/Behavior
  • Vision/Hearing
What is Pre-k Early Intervention?

Early Intervention provides supports and services to help families strengthen their child’s development before kindergarten. These services are to enhance the child’s development and to provide support to the family. We plan early intervention services around each child and family’s unique needs.

**There is not a charge to families for the screening, evaluation, or placement in the preschool program.

How does Child Find Work?

Flowing Wells School District will screen your child and then determine if he or she needs an evaluation. If the screen determines that an evaluation is necessary, a staff of professionals will work with you and your child to determine if your child is eligible to receive preschool services. You will then have the opportunity to accept or decline the services.

Who do I need to Contact?
  • For children Birth to 3, please contact the Arizona Early Intervention Program at 1-800-352-5448.
  • For Children ages 3 to 5, please contact the Emily Meschter Early Learning Center at 696-8909.